Slot Machines: The Backbone of Gambling

Slot machines are machines created for gambling that make the wheel attached to them spin whenever the button associated with them is pressed. These are called by different names on different continents. In England, it is referred to as a fruit machine while in Australia, it is known as a poker machine. Initially, these machines used to have a single lever hooked on one side of the machine that someone had to push to make the wheels turn. Because of this, the machine was also referred to as an armed bandit.

This method of playing is used to bankrupt gamblers.

The legacy of using levers is still not over, however, it is introduced with additional buttons

These machines have coded patterns made of different symbols.

To win, one must have a certain symbol pattern. According to several surveys, these kinds of machines are responsible for up to seventy percent of casino jobs worldwide. With the advancement of technology, new concepts of gambling via slot machines are being introduced in the market on a regular basis. Now, instead of the previous coin entry method, tickets are used as input to the machine, which actually consists of bar-coded paper. And with that, a new touch screen monitor has been introduced in the world of gambling. The game does not require the dexterity of fellow players. Everything that is based on is sheer luck.

A person is declared the winner if the patterns that appear on the screen match each other.

The patterns are displayed either on a large screen display or several rolls which are fed into the machine and which are stopped one by one to reveal the patterns. Symbols commonly used are fruit shapes or artistic figures, roman letters, and cartoons, the shape of some common objects or hearts. In newer versions, where an LCD screen is used, animated characters appear on the screen.

The winning combination depends on machine to machine. The patterns required to win are displayed on the machine itself, or can be accessed if it is touched at the right place on the touch screen. Useful modes may also differ, such as transactions for some barcode paper, or cash, or some additional games.